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Four Factors To Consider When Buying A Digital Piano

Digital pianos are a great alternative to acoustic pianos, particularly to those with a tighter budget, to budding new beginners, or to those looking for more interesting and abstract sounds. Digital pianos come in many shapes and sizes, as well as many different price points. It can be daunting for those interested in digital pianos to consider what factors are important, particularly for beginners. Below are four considerations to consider when purchasing a digital piano.

Weighted Keys

A key difference between digital pianos and acoustic ones is that the feel of hitting the keys is a much different experience. Traditional pianos have a slight resistance when playing due to the wooden hammers within the mechanisms of the piano, while digital pianos don't always have to be weighted.

When buying a digital piano, it is important to consider how important it is for you to replicate the feel of an acoustic piano. Digital pianos come in different options regarding weighted keys, and at the lower end, you will find less weighted keys, while at the higher end of digital pianos, you can get keys that feel as if they were on an acoustic piano.


Acoustic pianos rely on the quality of their build and how well their mechanisms are built, while a digital piano relies on sampled sounds that play corresponding to a note hit on the keyboard. Naturally, it is important to have a digital piano that is able to play high-quality and realistic sounds that almost perfectly replicate that of an acoustic piano or that have the capability to play high-quality synth instrument samples. Higher-cost pianos often have higher memory capabilities and thus are able to produce higher quality samples.

Velocity Sensitivity

Another important factor when deciding what digital piano to buy is how sensitive it is to movements made by the player, meaning that if the player were to hit hard on the key, a loud note would play, and alternatively, if a player were to hit lightly, a quieter note would play. When looking at lower-end models, they often have a volume control switch, which could indicate that they are of lesser quality.


While digital pianos are usually capable of producing sound through speakers in the piano, concert performers should certainly consider purchasing an amplifier to increase the piano's sound output and quality. Consider what wattage you want your sound amplifier to be capable of and the size and nature of the concerts a player will be performing.

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